About Us

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WWR 101


WinterWinds Robotics was founded in 2018 when Valerie “V” Eastman, a former teacher, became interested in how educational approaches could be applied to artificial intelligence and robotics. The company is pioneering solutions for human challenges on Earth and beyond through human-centric intelligence and our highly adaptive, modular, and intelligent robotics platform.

Mission and Vision

The mission of WinterWinds Robotics is to build deeply secure, adaptively intelligent, ethically-designed robotics systems that illuminate the way for humans to safely form beneficial partnerships with robots on Earth and beyond. 

The vision of WinterWinds Robotics is to be the solar system’s most trusted robotics platform, enabling humans to live to experience another sunrise, wherever they may be.  


We build Systems for a Multi-planetary People.

Reporting Culture

We believe very strongly in owning up to our mistakes.

Just Culture

We believe very strongly in justice and fairness.

Learning Culture

We are lifelong learners.

Flexible Culture

We adapt to new problems and new information.